Several of the congress speakers have generously provided their presentations to further the knowledge of congress delegates. Simply click on a presentation below to access a PDF of the speaker’s slides.

Please note that these presentations are for the use and reference of congress delegates only and remain the property of the speaker concerned. They are not for further dissemination or other use of any kind.


Management of pharmaco-resistant epilepsy

Structural and functional development in epilepsy imagingWilliam Gaillard, USA


School and epilepsy

Learning disabilities in children with epilepsy: causes and consequencesChahnez Triki, Tunisia

Teachers’ knowledge and attitudes toward epilepsyMohammed Jan, KSA


WFN / CEMA Session

Thirty years of new antiepileptic drugs: What did we achieve, and what is next?Emilio Perucca, Italy


Epileptic encephalopathies

The epileptic encephalopathies – concepts and prognostic factorsHelen Cross, United Kingdom

Novel therapies for epileptic encephalopathiesRaidah Al Baradie, KSA


Generalized epilepsies of unknown and genetic cause

Classification and concepts of generalized seizures and epilepsies: What is new?Sameer Zuberi, United Kingdom

Approaches to the management of drug-resistant generalized epilepsiesGregory Krauss, USA


Status Epilepticus

The treatment of Status EpilepticusAidan Neligan, United Kingdom


Immune-mediated epilepsies

Immune-mediated refractory epilepsies: concepts and mechanismsSarosh Irani, United Kingdom

How to diagnose and treat auto-immune epilepsies in childrenKhaled Zamel, Qatar


Public perceptions and understanding of epilepsy

New technologies in connecting, educating and helping people with epilepsyNajib Kissani, Morocco

Training programme for caregivers and PWE about epilepsyFatma Kamoun, Tunisia


Teaching Session:  Video-session: Semiology of seizures

Frontal lobe epilepsy – diagnostic challengeNirmeen Kishk, Egypt


Basic EEG Course

How to write an EEG request?Nirmeen Kishk, Egypt


Platform Session

Sodium channel blockers in the 21st CenturyMartin Brodie, United Kingdom

QuoStatus: a software package for the analysis of the progression of Status Epilepticus in EEG signalsPeter Roper, USA